The school Ave Maria Albolote (Granada, Spain) takes part in an international project Erasmus + that promotes the habits of healthy life under the title "Healthy Citizens for to Healthy Future".

The project has a duration of 24 months in that there take part students of Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey and Poland.

The fundamental task that we have carried out in Italy, has been started of a Master Chef in that the young students have cooked and elaborated diverse typical recipes of his countries, always bearing in mind that these had to be healthy food.

In case of Spain, the presented plates were: "remojón, custard, tortilla of potatoes and soup of maimones ".

During this week in Italy, there have been valued the works that before the students have done in his countries and the level of English (presentations about the importance of a healthy food and physical exercise, preparation of local dishes, production of recipes …). It has been fundamental the teamwork that students have realized and the way in which they have shared it with the rest of countries.

Without a doubt, we are reaching one of the principal aims proposed in the project: that the students learn to elaborate and value different dishes to combat an unhealthy food.




El colegio Ave María de Albolote (Granada, Spain) participa en un proyecto internacional Erasmus + que promueve los hábitos de vida saludable bajo el título “Healthy Citizens for a Healthy Future”

El proyecto tiene una duración de 24 meses en el que participan estudiantes de España, Italia, Lituania, Turquía y Polonia.

La tarea fundamental que hemos llevado a cabo en Italia, ha sido puesta en marcha de un Master Chef en la que los jóvenes han cocinado y elaborado diversas recetas típicas de sus países, siempre teniendo en cuenta que éstos debían ser alimentos saludables.

En el caso de España, los platos presentados fueron: “remojón, natillas, tortilla de patatas y sopa de maimones”.

Durante esa semana en Italia, se han valorado los trabajos que previamente los estudiantes han hecho en sus países y el nivel de inglés (presentaciones sobre la importancia de una buena alimentación y ejercicio físico, preparación de platos típicos, elaboración de recetas…). Ha sido fundamental el trabajo en equipo que han realizado los estudiantes y la manera en que lo han compartido con el resto de países.

Sin duda, estamos alcanzando uno de los principales objetivos propuestos en el proyecto: que los estudiantes aprendan a elaborar y valorar diferentes platos para combatir una mala alimentación.

Staying healthy!

 Winter is a particularly challenging time for our gymnasium students trying to keep their bodies healthy. Regular physical activity is one of the most important things they do for their health. Our gymnasium students agree that being active, regular exercise , outdoor physical activities, balanced diet, work-life balance and positive emotions can prevent the spread of various diseases and strengthen their bodies.

As usual, at the beginning of the year, we started improving our health in a simple way – doing some outdoor activities. On January 20th our gymnasium students and teachers came out to the stadium. There is no better way to have fun than exercising in a group. So primary school teacher Edita helped the students exercise vigorously and friendly in a group. It made everyone happier and brought positive emotions!

We believe that physical activities help us to boost our mood, to stay fit and finally to improve our study skills.

Project Implementation

Completed activities:


September - December

* Classes of Yoga Meditation. The aim - to help the students discover the unique technique of Yoga Meditation, unlock the hidden potential in their body and mind, get the inner benefits of yoga. Outcomes carried out: the students joined the practices every week. With regular practice their bodies are stronger and more flexible, they have increased energy and their mind became calm.



* International Project “Traffic Snake”. The aim – to encourage walking andcycling to school. Outcomes carried out: extra traffic and mobility education in the classrooms, mapping the safe routes to school, a car free day, cycle training on the school playground, a bike bell concert, puppet show, bicycle repair, police teaching at school, exhibition of students’ drawings on the theme.


* World Porridge Day. The aim – to encourage the students to have healthy breakfast, to understand the importance of healthy food and to prove that healthy food is tasty as well. Outcomes carried out: the students found out that porridge is an important meal for their health.

* The project of swimming. The aim – to understand that swimming is the best workout for our bodies, which does basically everything, from cardio to strength training to breath work. Outcomes carried out: students learned that swimming is the best workout for their bodies.

* Olympic Day. The aim – to encourage to be active, to feel happy doing some physical activities with students’ families. Outcomes carried out: the students understood the importance of physical activities with their families.


* Autumn Vitamins Fiesta. The aim – to choose healthy products and to prepare healthy meals, to gain knowledge about healthy eating. Outcomes carried out : the students learned about healthy eating, chose healthy products and prepared healthy meals.


* International Tea Day. The aim – to focus the students’ attention on drinking tea, which can actually improve students’ health. Outcomes carried out : the students learned about the traditions of drinking tea and realised how tea traditions vary in countries. They found its health benefits.